DERO Mining with Just a Mobile Phone Easy 2 min installation for Android Devices

DERO Mining Made Easy

Installing DERO Miner on Android can be difficult.

Our Mobile Miner installation script help you get up and running
in just 2 min.

Our nodes provide a safe space for you to mine on.

Check out The Mining Calculator to estimate your rewards

Mine DERO at

Fees and Rewards Structure

Mining on our node involves the generation of Mini Blocks (MBs) and one Integrator Block (IB) for every 10 blocks mined:

  • Mini Blocks: 9 out of 10 blocks, primarily rewarded to miners.
  • Integrator Block: Compensates the node operator for maintaining the network.

Both MBs and IBs carry a reward of 0.0615 DERO. Note that mining MBs is significantly easier than mining IBs, enhancing your chances of earning rewards.

Why Mine with Our Node?

Our commitment to providing a top-tier mining environment means you benefit from:

  • Reliability: Continuously monitored nodes with automatic restarts to minimize downtime and loss of earnings.
  • Performance: High-quality hardware and optimized network connectivity ensure efficient mining operations.
  • Security: Regular updates and maintenance reduce risks of orphan blocks and security vulnerabilities.
  • Innovation: Running a customized version of DERO, with enhancements unique to our node to improve mining results.

Community and Support

Join our community on Discord to get support, share insights, and contribute to ongoing development. Our server is a great resource for both new and experienced miners: Join the Discord Server.

Mining DERO with

DERO Mining is all about getting mini blocks, tasty mini blocks.

And now you can mine DERO with just a mobile phone.
If you need additional help, join us on DERO Discord

But before you can get started, you need a Wallet Setup

First Watch Mobile Miner Installation Video

Then Start Mining on Mobile Phone with One command

Copy text below and run in Termux on mobile or tablet to install and setup Official DERO miner

bash <(curl -s

Official Android User Guide

Now watch the graph below as your miners are joining

Currently (2,110) Miners Connected

When do I start getting rewards?

Rewards depends on your hashrate and the network conditions, you should not expect immediate result but wait a few weeks and see how it goes.

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Gustavogerman Node Argentina
maikze's node Finland
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List of DERO Stargate mining nodes

Local or Remote Mining. Solo or with friends. The choice is yours.

Pool Mining, where everyone gets a fair share ...

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