Get rewards for even the smallest miners A mining pool where everyone get their fair share

DERO Mining Pool: More Fun, More Profit, Fully Decentralized

Welcome to the DERO Mining Pool—your gateway to earning DERO through fun and profitable mining! Our pool is a decentralized network of community-driven nodes, ensuring that everyone, even those with the slowest and smallest devices, has a fair chance at winning rewards. Here, it's all about catching those tasty mini blocks!

Getting Started Is Easy:

  1. Wallet Setup: Before diving into the pool, you’ll need to set up your DERO wallet.
  2. Join Our Pool: Follow the instructions to connect your device to our decentralized network.
  3. Start Mining: Begin your mining journey and start earning rewards within 24 hours! Join the Community on Discord

Our community-based approach ensures that our network remains resilient, secure, and decentralized. We are proud to provide a mining environment that contributes to the decentralized spirit of the blockchain.

Dive into DERO Pools and discover a rewarding mining experience that puts the fun back in fundamentals.

DERO Pool Mining with

What is Pool Mining?

Pool mining unites all miners as one large family, effectively creating a powerful collective miner. By pooling resources, everyone mines together and shares the rewards on a daily basis.

Current Pool Round (Started at block 4036250)

INFOminerDERO Stargate HE AstroBWT Community Pools miner : It is an alpha version, use it for testing/evaluations purpose only.
INFOminer Copyright 2017-2024 DERO Community (mmarcel,hansen33). All rights reserved.
INFOminer {"OS": "Linux", "ARCH": "amd64", "GOMAXPROCS": 2348}
INFOminer {"Version": "3.5.3-140.DEROHE.STARGATE+09062024"}
INFOminer {"MODE": "mainnet"}
INFOminer System will mine to "dero1qys5yk5pgeej4wlxlgz8nejd3h5rwpvzrnwp89p2geezpz64xkjyjqqsqt4kr" with 101 threads. Good Luck!! 🍀
INFOminer connecting to {"url": "wss://"}
INFOminer Hansen33 Mod Mining Node Detected - Happy Mining
...Height ... IB:57 MB:380 MBR:0 MBO:23 NW ... MINING @ ...>>>
> 101 Miner(s) connected with 2,348 Worker(s) - Effort over Last 50 Rewards is ...
Please enter wallet address, password and hit ENTER
You find your password in the comment field of the last payout transaction

Miners using an integrated address can view their stats by entering the integrated address and the first 4 decimal places of one of the last 3 withdrawals.
Example: If one of the last 3 withdrawals was 0.09876 Dero, the password is 0987

Check the Pool Historical Performance on

Live Network Wide View of Newborn Miniblock(s)

What are the remote mining fees?

Pool Mining Fee is 4%
Fees are allocated as follows: 3% for the dev team, and 1% for the node owner.
Fees are calculated from the total rewards, not individually per miner.

When do I get paid?

Next Payout in 2,265 Blocks - Current Round Ends at Height: 4,041,049
Payments are distributed according to each miner's share every 4800 blocks. There is no minimum payout threshold; as long as the pool mines a block or a mini block and you have contributed sufficient hash power, you will get paid.

Previous Round Earnings was ... DERO (...)
The average effort for finding a block in the last round was ...
Clapclap Testimonial

DERO Community Pools
A Community-Driven, Decentralized Network of Pools

Welcome to DERO Community Pools, where each node in our network operates independently with its own pool software. Our unique decentralized structure means that DERO Pools are distributed across various locations and data centers, each owned and managed by different community members. This setup enhances our network's resilience and security while ensuring a fair and decentralized mining environment.

Our community-driven approach has successfully resulted in a robust network of public Dero node owners, each managing their own pool and sharing in the revenue from pool fees. While we are not currently seeking new partners, we are proud of our collaborative ecosystem which underscores our commitment to decentralization and the empowerment of individual node operators.

Below is a list of current node members of (aggregated)

See individual pool stats using the link in the table below

Owner Country Node Address
Hansen33 First Node United Kingdom
Yashnik Node Germany
Yashnik Node Virginia *
CH4K1Pu's Node France
Orionure Node Singapore
Orionure Node Missouri
Gustavogerman Node Argentina
maikze's node Finland
dirker's SK Node South Korea

* you are currently connected to

Thank you to all our partners and community members who contribute to the decentralized success of DERO Pools.

Happy Mining! 🍀

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